The Heraldic College (Collegio Araldico) was founded originally as the Heraldic Institute (Istituto Araldico) in 1853. It was certified in 1858 by "Sacred Studies Congregation of the Roman Church". According to the Founding Charter of the Intitute, it work is dedicated to the memory of St. Louis IX, King of France and of Saint Henry, Holy Roman Emperor, patron of the childless, of Dukes, and of the handicapped. The Heraldic College combines the work of heraldic and genealogical experts in order to achieve two missions: scientific and social.

Collegio Araldico tasks are:

- Promoting heraldic and genealogical studies and similar sciences within a historical framework;
- Facilitating intellectual, scientific and cultural exchanges between experts;
- Encouraging studies and research, providing assistance to experts and publishing their work;
- Keeping alive traditions and memories of heraldry and the hearaldic origin of families in order to retain a sense of the past and preserve their achievements and history.

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